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Virtual prescriptions

ExtraLab is updated with the new sanitarian
laws concerning virtual (online) prescriptions.

GDPR compliant

ExtraLab is compliant with GDPR,
the European regulations for the protection
of sensitive data (came into force in May 2018).

Direct Assistence

As producers of the software,
we respond directly to customer needs
with knowledge and professionalism
and without intermediaries.

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Main features


Thanks to its incredibly intuitive interface, Extralab makes patient acceptance phase very quick and easy.

Report Management

Entering data in a report can be performed either manually by the operator with a few simple steps or automatically with acquisition of analysis data directly from lab equipment.


Our software manages various steps in a complete and detailed manner ranging from invoice management to payment management, from customer management to statistics and ASL (Local Health Clinic) summaries.

Electronic Prescription

The goal of the project is to “virtualize” red prescriptions and replace them with a white sheet that constitutes the reminder. Extra Lab complies with the new norms concerning virtual prescriptions.


Extra Lab interfaces with all the equipment and analyzers on the market. Onsite software development enables us to adapt it to latest generation equipment.


Extralab analysis laboratory software provides the ability to configure the most different reports. The operator decides what to display and how to display it according to his or her needs.

We Help Our Customers with the Rise of Their Lab

“The information needed is available immediately…”

“Extralab has made our work faster and cheaper…”
“The information needed is available immediately…”

Extra Lab, the best software for clinical laboratories, on-line reporting and compliance with the GDPR.

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