Main features

Information richness

All the information you need can be found easily thanks to its intuitive interface.

Full autonomy in data analysis

In every moment you can evaluate the progress of your business, thanks to complete and detailed statistics

Storage management

Thanks to a clear subdivision into merchandise Groups, Families and Subfamilies, everything is easy to find with Armi.

Total control of gunpowders

With Armi you can always see the amounts allowed by type of product and receive notifications in case you exceed legal limits.

Limited costs

Armi is, at the same time, an highly professional software and truly affordable.

Maximum support

Complete support for your operation via telephone, email, Skype, and remote support

Main features

  • Printing of template 38 and tax records
  • Printing of buying/selling records
  • Management of maximum arms and powder limits based on your license
  • Inventory management
  • Tax record for arms repairs (daily and monthly)
  • Issuing of sales declarations or contextual self-invoices
  • Management of expirations
  • Monitoring of arms serial number
  • Management of customer licenses
  • Simplified purchase and sale management
  • Management of specific sales of clothing items
  • Registry of handcuffs, vests and magazines
  • Printing of Arms declarations
  • Diary of license renewals
  • Stocking of warehouse from suppliers

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