Remote Control

Access any computer connected to the internet quickly and easily. Work as if you were on site, transfer files, use chat. A complete remote desktop software.

Support and Meetings

Use Iperius Remote for remote customer support, to work from home, or to share your screen with unlimited users for demos and meetings.

Automatic Access

Install Iperius Remote as a service for unattended access. You can maintain a list of your customers and connect at any time to provide support.

Main features

Extreme Simplicity

Iperius Remote is the fastest way to connect to a remote computer, to provide support to your customers, to work from home or to share your screen for presentations and meetings.

No configuration required

Iperius works immediately. No installation or router/firewall configuration is required. You can also set up a custom proxy. The connection is quick and immediately active.

Advanced Security

Install Iperius Remote as a service for unmanned access. You can maintain a list of your customers’ PC and connect at any time to provide support.

Advanced Security

Iperius Remote connects in secure mode thanks to the HTTPS (SSL) protocol, and uses advanced encryption measures of information exchanged and configuration.

Management of connected customers

View a list of all computers connected through your account in one window which immediately displays a list of customers to support.

File transfer

With Iperius Remote you can transmit files in both directions of your connection. You can send files to the computer to which you are connected or download files to your computer very quickly and easily.

Multiuser chat

Iperius enables you to communicate with the users you connect to and also to other users connected to the same computer by simple chat, enabling multiple users to communicate quickly.

Multiple connections

Different users can connect to the same computer without problems, or one operator can simultaneously connect to multiple computers to provide support to various customers.


Thanks to the ability to allow different connections to the same computers, you can share your screen (without providing remote control) to many users to whom you can therefore make presentations or training seminars.

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