Monitor your backups at a glance

The Web Console enables you to see the results of your backups, to see the details of any errors, to update the program remotely, and to launch backups remotely.

Monitoring of all computers

You can see all the workstations and Servers where Iperius is installed in a single centralized panel, view configured backup operations and monitor the results of the backups themselves.

Remote operation execution

From the Web Console you can perform one or more backup operations remotely without connecting to the computer. This is very useful to retry a backup that generated errors previously.

Main features

Centralized backup management

Thanks to Iperius Console, you can be aware of the protection and backup status of all your computers and servers in a matter of seconds. Thanks to its extremely clear control panel, you can check the status of backups and monitored computers, so you can identify immediately any problems.

Statistics and general operations

The main dashboard of Iperius Console offers you clear statistics about the status of your systems and on the results of backup operations. From this, you can easily access to details regarding specific computers or backup operations to get information on any errors that occurred or to remotely perform updates, planning or backup operations.

The best tool for IT resellers and administrators

Iperius Console is the essential tool which links the entire Iperius suite together, including Iperius Backup, Iperius Remote and Iperius Storage. Thanks to Iperius Console, you will no longer have to check dozens of emails to know how backups went, and you’ll be able to change backup plans, execute backups, install services, updating software to the latest version in just a few clicks, filter the information, selectively monitor “preferred” machines, put machines on a blacklist, etc.

Multiuser management and custom permissions

Iperius Console is highly configurable, allowing multiple users to only access specific information defined by the administrator. For larger, more structured companies or for IT resellers, Iperius Console enables a specific user to display only specific computers and work groups, limiting the types of operations he or she can perform.

Remote desktop connection to monitored computers

Thanks to its integration with Iperius Remote, Iperius Console gives you the possibility to connect to a remote machine in just a few clicks. This allows faster resolution of any problems and offers an extremely efficient tool both for remote support and general technical support.

Cross-platform, multidevice

Access to your consoles’ data from any device. Iperius Console is a multi-platform application which can be installed on Windows PCs or Macs. Its versatility means that it can be consulted both from the web and mobile devices.

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