Main features

With plans starting from 50 GB for only €39 per year, Iperius Storage is a professional online backup solution with an affordable price. You can save your files in a secure space using a simple internet connection. Transfers take place automatically and completely in background, also limiting the upload bandwidth used in order not to interfere with your company’s work. It also guarantees the utmost security thanks to secure FTPS (SSL) transfers and the ability to encrypt files locally (with your own password) before sending them. You can also activate compression and synchronization functions, use filters to exclude specific files, and access Iperius Storage from unlimited places and from any FTP client.

Simple and reliable

Setting online file backups is extremely easy with Iperius. Simply create a backup operation (with automatic execution), select the folders and files to be transferred, set up your Iperius Storage account, and decide how many copies to keep. You can also receive email notifications to monitor backup results and access files at any time, from any workstation or FTP Client. Thanks to larger storage plans that go up to 3 TB, any company can choose Iperius Storage to protect SQL Server or MySQL databases, VMware ESXi or Hyper-V virtual machines, Exchange email servers and backup drive images of any server or workstation.

Extended protection

Online backup allows you to have even more security in the protection of your work or of important documents and images. Remote backups protect your files from hardware crashes, environmental disasters and virus attacks such as Ransomware (Cryptolocker, Wannacry, etc.). You can execute scheduled backups, even incremental and differential, and retain multiple copies of your files. You can decide whether to create compressed backups or to keep the exact structure of your local folders. Total security is also provided by ourDatacenters where your data is stored: modern, protected, and high-tech facilities. Iperius Storage is based on redundant Italian datacenters which comply with all the most recent norms regarding privacy and data storage.

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