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As producers of the software we respond directly to customer needs, with readiness and professionalism, without intermediaries.


Always attentive to customer requests, we are able to customize printouts and procedures based on specific needs.


Sell online with a single system: No additional Management work, Personalizable Price Lists and Inventory levels always up-to-date. No sales commissions.

Main features

Purchase Area

Enter a sample order or a ready load creating articles contextually, defining sizes, colours, sample year, season, category, department, model. 4 photos available for each colour and a technical description for e-commerce.

Sales area

A single program which allows you to manage: retail sales, retail bill, Tax Free, exchange, deposits, discounts and coupons; to check the availability of the product either by color or size, to create new customer records and monitor historical sales, and to connect any type of cash register.

Cashier area

Each sales transaction is recorded by type of payment: cash, ATM, credit card, cheque, wire transfer and others. Management of the cash register is always available, whereas the analysis of items sold for any type of payment is available upon closing of the register.

Warehouse area

In this area it is possible to perform: transfers of merchandise to other sales locations and/or warehouses, customer returns, inventory adjustments, inventories. Each of these transactions in Etos updates the inventory in retail locations and warehouses in real time.

Analysis of data and statistics

Thanks to a multiple matrix filter, deep data analysis can be easily carried out, allowing data extraction using items’ data in the system (e.g.: supplier, line, sample year, season, category, department, model, etc.) according to the entrepreneur’s daily needs.

Marketing and E-Commerce

Communicate with your customers using: SMS, email, Facebook, etc.; you can create specific campaigns that will allow you to increase your store sales; with e-commerce you can manage everything with just one “click”, keeping your product inventory constantly in sync.

From a single Point of Sale to a Franchising Chain

Choose the most suitable version for your retail business.

is the software version recommended for a single retail point.

Is the ideal version to manage several retail locations which are connected to each other.

Is the ideal version to manage chains of stores and franchises

Is the ideal version to manage Bridal Boutique

You can integrate your Business with the main platforms of E-commerce and Marketplaces

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