Program for photographic printing labs

EasyPrinter is a professional software for the management printing labs. It allows sending photographic materials with the highest quality and speed and integrates many advanced features.

EasyOrd is the software module which has to be installed on the photographer’s computer, where it is possible to create and send online orders simply and quickly. The trader can perform retouching operations with a dedicated set of tools (tone, contrast, redeye), choose the printing quality of the photos, apply frames and select the kind of device or material to which he wants to print. Finally, using a normal internet connection, he can send all the files automatically to the lab.

EasyLab is the software module installed at the printing lab, which is able to directly invoice orders received and to connect to every type of printer. The software includes pre-configured settings for Cyra (through the NetGate system), Noritsu (through the Hot Folder plug-in) and Laser printer.

Main features

Simplified interface

The photographer can easily select the photos which he wants to insert into the order.

Highest quality

The highest quality of images is always guaranteed without affecting sending times.

Integrated management

The entire process is automated, from the photographer’s order until printing at the lab.

Complete statistics

All the answers and information you need, with detailed statistics of orders received.

Limited costs

The great quality/price ratio makes this software an excellent investment for your business.

Maximum support

Complete support for your operating: telephone, email, Skype, remote support


  • Creation of print queues based on format, paper and destination printer.
  • Ability to activate one spool at a time. Once a print job is activated, the software will start to acquire orders that are going to satisfy the conditions (format/paper) of the activated spool.
  • Acquisition of orders with recording of data in a centralized database.
  • Final trasmission of orders with the ability to create photographic and paper reports.
  • Order envelope printing.
  • Ability to send orders to print more than once (in case of problems with an order).
  • Invoicing of printed orders.
  • Ability to move older orders to free up space on the server.
  • Management of Batches (opening/closing) for Cyra printers.
  • Real time monitoring of the last 4 days’ orders.
  • Statistical printouts of orders received.
  • Ability to activate multiple EasyLabs simultaneously (on different formats)


  • Selection of photos to insert in the order through a simplified interface
  • Display of photo print quality based on the format selected and on the quality of the photo itself (density, sizes)
  • Ability to retouch photos with a complete set of tools (redeye correction, tone and contrast correction, sepia filter applications, cropping, etc.)
  • Ability to apply frames to photos (creation of calendars)
  • Ability to select if printing cropped photos or photos with white borders. In the first case it is also possible to select and view the print area in real time.
  • Ability to select various gadgets and/or materials (canvas, plexiglas, cardboard, etc..) where to print the photos.
  • Editing of orders which have been created but not sent yet
  • Order duplication
  • Online order transmission via FTP
  • Burning of orders on CD/DVD.

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