Solidity, Innovation and Human Harmony.

Enter: a friendly company.

The name says it all: we are a welcoming space. A structured and solid company, and one that still places great importance on the concept of human harmony.

Years of experience has convinced us that the best results come from an office where you feel comfortable and where you connect with others to achieve the best result. Always with professionalism, of course, as harmony exists even after the work objectives are reached.

Those who begin here typically stay, because they enjoy professional rewards, a good salary, and experience the pleasure of coming to the office.

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We say no to software assembly lines.

Teamwork: shared efforts by joining forces.

In many companies, only parts of a development process are carried out and strict compartments are created, so you may share a desk yet not even know what your colleague is doing.

In our company, however, we place great importance on teamwork. Projects are shared and carried out together, respecting different skill sets while also coordinating and joining forces.

Not because any individual lacks skills, but simply because it works better that way. And it is not necessary to remain chained to a desk: fortunately, even here today, work and meetings can be done remotely.

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Creativity that counts.

Dynamism: different skills in different sectors.

Those who work at Enter have the opportunity to follow different projects in a variety of sectors, bringing their creative contribution as well as their technical skills.

We don’t have a software assembly line, but rather a dynamic and stimulating environment where we can experiment with different solutions to the same problem. Respecting individual skills and at the same time stimulating growth with ever “challenging” tasks.

Therefore, expect to change projects and analytical processes often: it is more stimulating, enjoyable and, once again, it functions better.

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We say no to software assembly lines.

Innovation: working on projects with a high technological content.

One of the strengths of our company is the ability to follow projects of different complexities with the same enthusiasm.

We offer SMEs and more structured companies a wide range of products and services: management, apps, utilities, targeted consultancy, training. Always thinking about the right balance between innovation and functionality.

Working with us means following projects using high levels of innovation while also measuring their practical value for the company that commissions them. It is an exercise in solidity that favors both professional and personal growth.

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“Enlightened” entrepreneurship

Perspective: continuously growing.

We believe that, in a constantly evolving scenario, today’s entrepreneurs should be “enlightened”, and we take into account the quality of our collaborators’ working life.

Steady contracts and a stimulating and peaceful environment: a satisfied group is a group that gives its best.

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In the Italian and international ICT market for over 20 years.

Stability: on the market since 1997

We have been a company on the market for over 20 years: from 1997 to the present, we have built a solid but ever changing reality. Among our staff are those who have worked in the IT sector since the 1970s, as well as those who have recently graduated who come with fresh and innovative ideas.

A mix of experience and modernization which, to us, creates a stimulating environment in which to work.

Above all, a reality that is suitable for everyone, where one’s professionalism is recognized and valued, and where each member of the team contributes in his or her own way to reach the final result.

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Work at a less frenetic pace.

View the Sea

We are based in Grottammare, on the Adriatic coast of the Marche region. We have the beautiful beach of Riviera delle Palme a few hundred meters away, and the Sibillini mountains is less than an hour’s drive from our office.

Our region is famous for its hospitality and quality of life (also for its good food, have you ever tried the Sambenedettese-style fish soup?).

Working here means following less frenetic rhythms and a healthier lifestyle. Without spending hours in traffic or the dark of the smog: your lunch break here can be taken right on the sea!

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Work according to your inclinations.

Careers for students

Are you about to finish your studies or have you just finished them and would like your first taste of the working world? We welcome you here at Enter, and there are great career opportunities for you. Whatever your talent is, develop it with us.

Here you will find an exciting career path full of interesting projects, including international opportunities.

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A place where the work-life Balance is true

Careers for IT professionals

Would you like to create a new and an innovative project? At Enter, your ideas will thrive as you work on the project in its entirety and take part in all decisions.
At Enter, everyone matters and your thoughts count.
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work-life balance 100%
Benefits 90%
Mentorship 80%
Freedom to develop code and talent 80%
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Assets that we operate


We develop vertical and specific ERP management software for process management in the food and manufacturing industry. They are the key industries of the Italian market. You can help us to improve technologically by helping to optimize the production processes of these industries. Our goal is consultancy and technological support of SMEs in the digitization of business processes.

Security and Connectivity: Iperius

We are looking for talented developers, “creative minds” to help us compete in the world by developing high-tech features.

Retail: Etos

Today, Retail’s challenge is represented by Omnichannel. Technology must make the interaction between Online and Offline increasingly fluid. Can you help us to win this challenge by bringing innovation at all levels to this project? We are ready to approach it with Etos, software for the omni-channel management of clothing stores.

Join us!

Open Positions

This position is a valuable career opportunity to learn about a wide range of projects in a company with a large, high-profile, international client base such as Enter Software. This figure will work closely with the Iperius development team and other members of the Support and Marketing departments.


Develop highly interactive websites using PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, JSON, Angular JS Developing and integrating web services and API Restful in C # or Node.JS

Skills required

  • Skills in development
  • Integration and consumption of API and Restful Web Services
  • Good knowledge of relational and non-relational databases
  • Experience in Angular JS or later
  • Experience with HTML5 including CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Experience with Javascript, Node.JS and related frameworks with good knowledge of server side, accessibility and security compliance
  • Understanding of web technology architectures and processes
  • Knowledge of “Best practices” UI / UIX design

Nice to have

  • Experience in developing Windows or MAC OS applications
  • Experience in graphic design using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Experience in developing mobile APPs for Android and iOS
  • Understanding of network protocols and network security
  • Understanding of code versioning tools such as GIT
  • Good English reading and writing skills

Employment contract: Full time

Questa posizione è una preziosa opportunità di carriera per conoscere una vasta gamma di progetti in un’azienda con una vasta base di clienti di alto profilo e a livello internazionale come Enter Software. Questa figura lavorerà a stretto contatto con il team di sviluppo Iperius e altri membri dei dipartimenti Supporto e Marketing.

Competenze ed esperienza richieste:

  • Conoscenza dell’architettura .NET e del linguaggio C #.
  • Esperienza su tecnologie Web.
  • Buona conoscenza del codice PHP.
  • Conoscenza di Microsoft SQL Server e MySQL.
  • Esperienza nello sviluppo di API RESTful.

Competenze ed esperienze che costituiscono un titolo preferenziale:

  • Conoscenza di Linux.
  • Conoscenza di linguaggi di scripting e framework web (Javascript, Typescript, Node Js etc).
  • Esperienza di sviluppo di applicazioni Mobile (Android, iOS).
  • Conoscenza del linguaggio di programmazione Delphi.
  • Definire e sviluppare soluzioni di integrazione dati: scalabili, gestibili e innovative.
  • Familiarità con la gestione dell’intero ciclo di vita dei progetti software: analisi, progettazione, implementazione, rilascio e manutenzione.
  • Familiarità con il controllo del codice sorgente e problem solving.
  • Esperienza nell’utilizzo di CRM.
  • Esperienza in WordPress.

Questa è un’offerta di lavoro full time con base a Grottammare (AP)

Contratto di lavoro: Tempo pieno


  • junior developer o simili: 1 anno (Opzionale)


  • Inglese (Opzionale)
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