The value of creativity. Sometimes you may find yourself in a workplace where you join only part of a development process, without the opportunity to range, repeating the same actions every day and finally ending up with what we call a “software assembly line“.  An assembly line kills creativity, and that’s why we have set up development work so that there is no repetition of tasks and to-be-analysed processes; furthermore, you will have the opportunity to see the results of your work on thousands of clients in Italy and around the world.

Stimulating projects

The biggest strength of our company is being able to work on the most different projects with various complexities among them. You could begin in the management software area, with many successful products in development like Etos, our software for clothing stores , which is a national market leader thanks to important integrations with the world of the web and marketplaces; as well as you can start in the utilities area with Iperius Suite, a set of products designed to protect enterprise and private data that has been successful in markets, application areas and companies in over 200 nations worldwide.

Enter to stay

The world is changing and we believe that today’s business needs to be an “enlighted” business, which takes into account the quality of the working lives of its employees, with regular full-time contracts and a stimulating and peaceful environment; we know that a satisfied group is a group that gives the best of itself.

A solid company

We are a company that has had a presence on the market for over 20 years.  We are a business with a strong foundations but which at the same time it grows rapidly, even internationally, thanks to a young, motivated team.

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