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Shoes is a powerful, comprehensive software for shoe factories which is able to satisfy all the needs of small and medium-sized shoe factories. Shoes is used by shoe factories that manufacture for all types of target markets: men’s shoes, women’s shoes.

Designed and developed in the shoe manufacturing area of the Marche, Shoes is perfect both for standard high-quality factories with few product variations and for artisanal factories which make a limited number of items (if not even a single item) to custom-made high-level shoes where variety is standard.

With Shoes, you can create technical cards which are rich in details and accessories and that can be used once or reused on an ongoing basis, working in a highly customizable environment that makes it possible to manage, monitor and analyze the production of any type of shoe.

Main features

Technical information sheet

The technical information sheet is the definition of the basic components of the shoe. Once a main product card is loaded, it is possible to make projections with specific variations of the item (color, accessory, material, etc.). Shoes gives you the possibility to calculate the raw materials requirements necessary for production based on customer orders received.

Shoes subsequently allows you to automatically create supplier orders based on stock or on warehouse levels, and to thus commit raw materials to production.

Load the production sheet

The production sheet (cards) enables you to monitor all phases of production and related use of raw materials. It is also possible to use barcodes for the automatic advancement of production.

Packing list

The packing list presents an intuitive graphical view specifically designed to make the organization of packages easy and fast, and permits the issuing of personalizable package labels.

Feature summary

  • Multilevel technical sheet with components listed by quantity or percent
  • Label printing on cardboard
  • Creation of basic component cards which can be changed by color, brand or variation.
  • Generation of single or group production tickets
  • Calcolation of material needs by customer order or production ticket
  • Automatic generation of supplier orders
  • Automatic downloading of raw materials during the production phase
  • Automatic release of finished products when production is finished
  • Creation of packing lists from orders or production tickets

Additional forms

  • Management of sales agent orders on portable PCs
  • Management of internal orders

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