Development of advanced websites for ecommerce

The Web offers many opportunities to increase sales and to raise awareness of your Business. We support companies that decide to build or strenghten their own image online. Besides the creation of institutional and e-commerce websites, our goal is to provide to our client a range of professional service of Digital Marketing that will consolidate their online presence.

Our strategy focuses on 5 acquisition channels: SEO, Online Advertising with AdWords and Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing, etc.

Another important Channel where we focus our efforts is Marketplaces, which can drive a large volume of users. Among the main ones we must first mention Google Shopping, Amazon and eBay, whom can be added more specific vertical sites, according to the area of competence. All conversions and purchases are monitored through Google Analytics, with a specifically configured tracking for e-commerce and monitoring of sales targets or lead generation.

Main features of our Websites

Web Design

Web design is the process of planning and creation of a website. The websites we create, are conceived and designed in order to give to users a memorable experience. To achieve this, we define the goals together with the client, planning the best possible user experience and trying to highlight the values of the Business or of the Brand. Our sites use responsive design so It could be viewable on all mobile devices.


All the e-commerce sites we develop are extremely stable, safe, and easy to manage. Users can view products with photos and descriptions, can make a purchase selecting the best form of payment that fit their needs, and define the shipping address. They are developed on the Prestashop or Magento E-Commerce Platforms with SSL certificates, and are 100% SEO friendly to achieve a good search engine ranking in the natural indexing of search engines.

APP iOS e Android

APPS are now used by everybody in their daily lives and can be used both to find information and to receive personalized offers. Investing in a mobile APP is a decision that in the long term demonstrates itself to be a profitable investment over time, such as gaining customers’ loyalty or having the right engagement tool. Given our experience, relying on us for its development is the right choice: Together, we can develop an app that will transform your customers’ devices into powerful marketing tools.


Search engine placement is essential to make your site visible to your target audience in Google’s SERP. Indexation on search engines is achieved by studying and selecting strategic keywords that will give most visibility to your site and will capture the attention of your potential customers in terms of conversions and sales.

Social Media marketing

We are able to develop and create a Social Media strategy specifically for your business, structuring promotional campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of the strategy to promote products and services. It is important to convey quality content that could be interesting to your target. We do this through an analysis of the search keys for your branch, developing a dynamic content strategy with posted articles designed to bring quality traffic to your site.


  • Responsive Interfaces
  • Indipendent management of all content on your site: Pages, Contact Forms, Photos, Product Descriptions, Customer Service.
  • Product reviews, online stores, customer experience (subject to approval by the store owner)
  • Dedicated discount strategies through coupons or specific conditions.
  • Multiple methods of payment (Credit Card, Paypal, Wire Transfer, PostePay, COD)
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Handling of abandoned shopping carts.

Bring your Business Online!
Integration with the main E-Commerce and Marketplace platforms.

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